Toonsburgh® is a single-panel comic series created by the American cartoonist Bill Jones of Pittsburgh, PA. There are more than 420 cartoons available below and by clicking on any one, a
larger version will appear.

Bill Jones Cartoon 0428 Lucky Rabbit Feet

Bill Jones Cartoon 0427 Dating Baseball Players

Bill Jones Cartoon 0426 Firearms Magicians

Bill Jones Cartoon 0425 Dog-eared Books

Bill Jones Cartoon 0424 Courtroom Testimony

Bill Jones Cartoon 0423 Whistleblower

Bill Jones Cartoon 0422 Happy Face

Bill Jones Cartoon 0421 Deer Prank

Bill Jones Cartoon 0420 CPR

Bill Jones Cartoon 0419 Boardroom

Bill Jones Cartoon 0418 Pencil Pushers

Bill Jones Cartoon 0417 Firing Squads

Bill Jones Cartoon 0416 Photographic Memory

Bill Jones Cartoon 0415 Early Bird

Bill Jones Cartoon 0414 Bird Droppings

Bill Jones Cartoon 0413 Working Dogs

Bill Jones Cartoon 0412 Lottery Winner

Bill Jones Cartoon 0411 Red Light District

Bill Jones Cartoon 0410 Balance Beam

Bill Jones Cartoon 0409 Drooling

Bill Jones Cartoon 0408 April Showers

Bill Jones Cartoon 0407 Turtle

Bill Jones Cartoon 0406 Banana Nut Bread

Bill Jones Cartoon 0405 Marital Intimacy

Bill Jones Cartoon 0404 Dropped Spoon

Bill Jones Cartoon 0403 Periodontal Disease

Bill Jones Cartoon 0402 New Student

Bill Jones Cartoon 0401 Tired Men

Bill Jones Cartoon 0400 Euthanasia

Bill Jones Cartoon 0399 Belts

Bill Jones Cartoon 0398 Beached Whale

Bill Jones Cartoon 0397 Original Memory Stick

Bill Jones Cartoon 0396 Track Meet

Bill Jones Cartoon 0395 Cheap Caskets

Bill Jones Cartoon of Women and Men Non-Verbal Communication Misunderstandings

Bill Jones Cartoon of Crooked Politicians

Bill Jones Cartoon of Paying outstanding bills

Bill Jones Cartoon of Marital Problems

Bill Jones Cartoon of Teacher Calling Roll

Bill Jones Cartoon of Busy Boss

Bill Jones Cartoon of Bow Tie

Bill Jones Cartoon of Jealous Women

Bill Jones Cartoon of Washing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Bill Jones Cartoon of Gregorian Chants

Bill Jones Cartoon of Boat Fenders

Bill Jones Cartoon of Therapy

Bill Jones Cartoon of Job Interview Question

Bill Jones Cartoon of Robbery

Bill Jones Cartoon of Poor Husbands

Bill Jones Cartoon of Thailand

Bill Jones Cartoon of Gossip

Bill Jones Cartoon of Vincent Van Gogh's Ear

Bill Jones Cartoon of Dog and Master

Bill Jones Cartoon of Parking Space

Bill Jones Cartoon of Potatoes

Bill Jones Cartoon of Memory Loss

Bill Jones Cartoon of Naturalist Observing Zebras

Bill Jones Cartoon of Bouncing Checks

Bill Jones Cartoon of Amusement Park Food

Bill Jones Cartoon of No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

Bill Jones Cartoon of Angry Man

Bill Jones Cartoon of Wind Damaged Fences of Farmers, Ranchers and Homeowners

Bill Jones Cartoon of Newscaster Delivering a PSA Public Service Announcement

Bill Jones Medical Cartoon of Married MDs

Bill Jones cartoon of Hats

Bill Jones cartoon of Tattoos

Bill Jones cartoon of Lazy Teenagers Trying to Wake Up

Bill Jones cartoon of Labor Day

Bill Jones cartoon of Campanology - The Science of Bells and Bell Ringing

Bill Jones cartoon of Boss Scheduling

Bill Jones cartoon of Boss Scheduling

Bill Jones cartoon of Weasels

Bill Jones cartoon of Selling Shoes

Bill Jones cartoon of How To Score Dates

Bill Jones cartoon of Tandem Bike Riding

Bill Jones cartoon of Beach Body

Bill Jones cartoon of Wind Gusts

Bill Jones cartoon of Earliest Known Mobility Device

Bill Jones cartoon of When Husbands Cook

Bill Jones cartoon of When Husbands Cook

Bill Jones cartoon of Penny Pinching Family

Bill Jones cartoon of Hairstyles For Men

Bill Jones cartoon of Penny Pinching Family

Bill Jones cartoon of Star Wreck by Jean Dingleberry

Bill Jones cartoon of Lion Tamer Replacement at Circus

Bill Jones cartoon of Man in Restaurant Commenting to Friends about Chicken Fingers

Bill Jones cartoon of Football Player in Locker Room

Bill Jones cartoon of Women Warning Men

Bill Jones cartoon of Doctor Examining a Patient's Tongue

Bill Jones cartoon First Date from Online Dating Service

Bill Jones cartoon of Geeks Calendar

Bill Jones cartoon regarding Free Speech

Bill Jones cartoon of Iron Man vs. Iron Woman

Bill Jones cartoon of American Tourist in Paris

Bill Jones cartoon Women in Kitchen

Bill Jones cartoon of Speaker Behind Podium

Bill Jones cartoon of Husbands' Common Fear of Wives

Bill Jones cartoon of Book Signings

Bill Jones cartoon of Proper Funeral Attire

Bill Jones cartoon of Spring Has Sprung

Bill Jones cartoon of someone trying to join with the geeks

Bill Jones cartoon of Circus Trapeze Artist

Bill Jones cartoon of Classic Game Show Answers

Bill Jones cartoon man regretting piano purchase

Bill Jones cartoon man regretting piano purchase

Bill Jones cartoon of three brothers with confusing names

Bill Jones cartoon New Employee in Nursing Home

Bill Jones cartoon of Slogans and Taglines

Bill Jones cartoon of Hacker's Convention

Bill Jones cartoon of Man Wearing Irregular Clothing

Bill Jones cartoon of Old Man Ordering Ice Cream

Bill Jones cartoon of Job Interview

Bill Jones cartoon of Men's Underwear

Bill Jones cartoon of Funeral Manners

Bill Jones cartoon of Lightning Strikes

Bill Jones cartoon of Marriage Proposals Gone Wrong

Bill Jones cartoon of Family Tree

Bill Jones cartoon of Man Airplane Aisle

COVID Cat Warning Mouse

Blind First Dates Gone Sour

CEO Brief Meeting

Blind Unarmed Warning Sign

Early Risers at Dawn

Man's First Date Bathroom

A Goofball in Every Family

Despised Persecuted Groups

Pets Away Owners Play

Dumbing Down of America


Trump Rump Hat.

Toonsburgh® cartoon 2020 Hindsight.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of the holiest churchgoer, although not a man of the cloth, in church.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of rabbits dream about magicians

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a golfer getting ready to tee off

Toonsburgh® cartoon of man with facial mole

English Grammar

Dream Dates

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a man seeing friends after having put on considerable weight.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a man hearing voices after just getting out of the hospital.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a Catholic priest explaining in one word, sodomy, the child rape scandals

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a housewife getting angry at her husband for the laundry.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a man at work realizing he is in fact just an empty suit.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a bald man trying to score his first date.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a carnival game that was short lived geared towards adrenaline junkies.

Hacker Tattoo

Toxic Masculinity and Feminism

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a first date at a zoo with the woman asking the man why he likes rhinos so much.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of Zantar - Prince of the Jungle swinging on a rope with one hand and holding Jane with another.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of an attractive young lady talking with a student who she believes to be a senior majoring in aeronautical engineering.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a husband and wife discussing possible surgery after having been approved by the bank for a loan.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a three cheerleaders and a heavy set woman who enjoys more dates than the attractive women.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a man sitting down telling his wife who is ironing his shirts to be careful not to put too much starch in or else she has to redo his shirts like yesterday and this morning.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a female police sergeant at a community relations event fielding questions about the dangers of bomb disposal.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of 3 men posing with the title clothing doesn't always make the man, hairstyles might be important too.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of surgeons enjoying a home-cooked meal after another successful transplant operation.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a woman calling 911 because of a neighbor engaging in the same nasty behavior.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a sign saying exotic dancers last stop before airport and a surprise awaits all who enter.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man about to be beheaded thinking about his brand new necktie and thinking about something very different after the blade comes down.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of asylum seekers at night crawling while being warned by their leader to be quiet because tomorrow they will be sleeping in nice warm beds.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a surgeon going to a lake after a hard day of work removing kidney stones and then seeing which patients stone skips the farthest.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a dog lover who doesn't understand physics believing a famous proverb about love.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an experienced Masai tour guide using binoculars to look an excited tourist who went exploring on his own.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an elephant and a giraffe enjoying themselves on playground equipment after a hard day at work.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an excited man coming back from a blind date that his mother set up only to be surprised when his mother breaks some news to him.

Toonsburgh cartoon of Albert Einstein as a young student using his hands as a cheat sheet.

Toonsburgh cartoon of vegetarian archery hunters about to bag an 8 point buck while hunting.

Toonsburgh cartoon of Christian children drawing the Holy Family's flight into Egypt with a little boy making the mistake of adding a fourth person in the airplane called Pontius the Pilot.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a sniper and spotter looking for a man called Rotund Robert and they spot him and it's an easy target as he's close and there is no wind.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an elementary school student named Melvin incorrectly answering a question from the teacher regarding blind people.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an author waiting alone in a bookstore at a book signing event with no one in sight.

Toonsburgh cartoon of two bereaved family members making a hard choice as they cannot afford a proper burial nor a cremation.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man who is disappointed as he can't afford hair extensions to make him young and studly again.

Toonsburgh cartoon of Bird Watching - A Beginners Guide with a man observing a bird thought to be extinct and thinking it probably tastes like chicken.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man one strike away from a perfect 300 when a bowling rival tries to distract him through the use of psychological means.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man going into a bank for a loan with a gun saying sign and co-sign and the banker getting confused with trigonometry.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an old-school doctor holding down a patient, adding insult to injury while adding in salt to injury.

Toonsburgh cartoon with text saying we all die, lets help the living through organ donations and it shows two men struggling to move an organ onto a moving truck.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an Army cook accidentally causing a cease fire as he yells grease fire, grease fire while cooking bacon.

Toonsburgh cartoon of friend encouraging another when he agrees his friend will never amount to anything but has a mustache.

Toonsburgh cartoon of two liberals complaining that no matter how hard they try, they can't get the Donald out of their mind.

Toonsburgh cartoon asking a question regarding the temperature snowflakes melt but getting political answers instead.

Toonsburgh cartoon of angry man at Democratic Convention using 72 forms of address instead of just ladies and gentlemen.

Toonsburgh cartoon of shady doctor prescribing sleep medication and strong laxative for an overweight male to help his stock.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an old man with text better over the hill than under the graveyard mound.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a legal, but awkward job interview question as an applicant is valedictorian but only in class of 2.

Toonsburgh cartoon of two cowboys, one so hungry he can eat a horse and in fact he does so they have to ride double.

Toonsburgh cartoon about a kneeling NFL player because he, like others, doesn't respect the flag, country or the fans.

Toonsburgh poem by Bill Jones that explains the death of the NFL entitled RIP NFL.

Toonsburgh cartoon of 1st day of training in produce department when trainees are confused between manager and produce.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man showing a ring to another from a grizzly bear's droppings and they know it's their friend.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man with crazy hair because of strong winds before a job interview.

Toonsburgh cartoon about a sleazy medical doctor inventing diseases for the sake of extra money for unnecessary surgery.

Toonsburgh cartoon panel of golf on top, and court of law on bottom regarding getting killed by lightning while golfing.

Toonsburgh cartoon of master carpenter using the beard of his apprentice as sandpaper because he ran out sandpaper.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a counselor misconstruing patient's complaint about wife for a compliment regarding she's always moaning.

Toonsburgh cartoon about the importance of quality office furniture showing an employee falling backwards after seat breaks.

Toonsburgh cartoon of football center concentrating on the count while remembering most important thing - do not pass gas.

Toonsburgh cartoon of father driving with his daughter and he has an overactive bladder trying to make it to next rest stop.

Toonsburgh cartoon of parachutist being reminded if the chutes don't deploy, it's the sudden stop that's not our friend.

Toonsburgh cartoon of two identical male twins wondering which one is the handsome one as he is the only left in the will.

Toonsburgh cartoon of prisoners on a hunger strike with the exception of the fat prisoner who hopes to get their food.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an ancient Chinese proverb showing that a crowded elevator smells differently to children.

Toonsburgh cartoon of son not wanting to follow in his father's footsteps and settles on just being a brain surgeon.

Toonsburgh cartoon of male date reaching for wallet while simultaneously reaching into front and back pockets.

Toonsburgh cartoon of suspect holding a bone in teeth, cat in hand, dog treats in other and a gun t-shirt in front of K9s.

Toonsburgh cartoon of man burying another man as well as the hatchet he used as both were unable to just bury the hatchet.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man wondering how a hair transplant clinic can have such reasonable prices.

Toonsburgh cartoon of bucktooth man who got punked by his friends when he took their advice on going to a good dentist.

Toonsburgh cartoon of violent Antifa protestor confronting patriotic wheelchair bound elderly man in a democratic city.

Toonsburgh cartoon of violent Antifa protestor confronting patriotic wheelchair bound elderly man in a democratic city.

Toonsburgh cartoon of teacher erasing the board while his pants are sagging showing pink underwear is why students hate math.

Toonsburgh cartoon of peaceful man holding up a superhero picture of Donald Trump in front of a violent Antifia mob.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a hairy man named Harry meeting Sally before the blockbuster movie was released, When Harry Met Sally.

Toonsburgh cartoon of women pulling a carriage before horses were used.

Toonsburgh cartoon of budget funeral services with the casket riding on top of a regular car going down a steep hill.

Toonsburgh cartoon of patient reading his doctor's notes and being surprised at prognosis, LFL - loser for life.

Toonsburgh cartoon of child struggling with beginner's crossword puzzle that only has 2 blocks, one vertical, one horizontal.

Toonsburgh cartoon of Southern Poverty Law Center claiming that the Roman Catholic church is a hate group.

Toonsburgh cartoon of qualified and well-dressed man going for a job interview but his shirt is sticking out through his fly.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a boxers sizing each other up, deciding whether to go for the body or the head.

Toonsburgh cartoon of violent far left protesters dispersing after an air drop of Bibles, soap, shampoo and job applications.

Toonsburgh cartoon of hardworking men as gold diggers in the 19th century vs. women gold diggers of the 21st century.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a child enjoying a delicious meal cooked by Mom when he/she wonders, where's the pet bird.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man trying to pick up women calling them bodacious as he uses terrible pick up lines.

Toonsburgh cartoon of man punching an old lady in the stomach to dislodge food but she loses her dentures.

Toonsburgh cartoon of police discovering flashers worldwide have the same motto: when in doubt, whip it out.

Toonsburgh cartoon about grief and sadness turning to joy when grandpa enters the Put Out To Pasture nursing home.

Toonsburgh cartoon showing that road kill should never be wasted as animals enjoy a meal of a human hit by a car.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a registered sex offender about to use the girl's restroom at the Target department store.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a baby's right to live vs. a mother's right to kill when baby says it's not your body Mom, it's mine.

Toonsburgh cartoon in black and white of boss removing glass eyeball saying he has his eye on you and to work harder.

Toonsburgh cartoon in color of boss removing glass eyeball saying he has his eye on you and to work harder.

Toonsburgh cartoon in Black and White of vegetarian who is alone ordering the rare meats of dolphin, whale, koala, panda and foie gras.

Toonsburgh cartoon in color of vegetarian who is alone ordering the rare meats of dolphin, whale, koala, panda and foie gras.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a hungry hunter and a chubby gatherer who just gathered and is carrying two women.

Toonsburgh cartoon a woman kicking a man in the groin as quality control testing for cups made at Cupid's cup factory.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man in a high class restaurant being paged with a message regarding his no-show escort.

Toonsburgh cartoon of friends for life, two dogs (German Shepherd and Siberian Husky) and one Irish Boxer (a man).

Toonsburgh cartoon of Biblical teaching of right (the heart of the wise inclines to the right) vs. satanic left philosophy.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a wannabe martial artist Lee Bruce trying to emulate his hero Bruce Lee, with absolutely no success.

Toonsburgh cartoon of student asking why liberals, atheists, and school teachers love the world's worst mass murderers.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a hidden message with four men.

Toonsburgh cartoon of medical professions that destroy the sense of smell - podiatry, proctology, dentistry and gynecology.

Toonsburgh cartoon of early immigrant stone cutters, although hard working, making spelling mistakes on tombstones.

Toonsburgh cartoon regarding innocence of youth as teenagers put an eggplant on a new part of the snowman.

Toonsburgh cartoon of language barriers as doctor asks woman when her last bowel movement was and she thinks bow movement.

Toonsburgh cartoon of doctor using enormous rectal thermometer because although it's uncomfortable, it's extremely accurate.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a surgeon scaring the waiting family members with his terrible bed side manners.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man wearing an obnoxious color combination of clothing whereas color blind people are spared the sight.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a smitten man dreaming about a woman who is the apple of his eye but is actually rotten to the core.

Toonsburgh cartoon of future zoos and aquariums where kids can ride tigers, lions, rhinos and sharks.

Toonsburgh cartoon of friends as pall bearers carrying the casket upside down that even in death, friends are important.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a job interview failure as man has his jacket unbuttoned revealing his red shirt through his open fly.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a participant still not understanding the secrets to success after 3 day conference.

Toonsburgh cartoon showing two kinds of 'roid rage, steroids and hemorrhoids.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an obese, yet fast and accurate sheriff warning varmints to get out of town and he doesn't last long.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a doctor causing patients in the waiting room stress with his love of astrology saying, another cancer.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man frustrated with his weight loss failure and he wants to pull out his hair but he's bald.

Toonsburgh cartoon of Christians praying for the salvation of sodomites yet they are threatened with their lives.

Toonsburgh cartoon of two sharks - the fearsome Great White and the stupid and harmless shark, the Lesser White shark.

Toonsburgh cartoon in black and white of a father reading a scary bedtime story to his two young children.

Toonsburgh cartoon in black and white of an eagle taking away a toy poodle when one-eyed owner briefly leaves her chair.

Toonsburgh cartoon of police sergeant using a weapon much more powerful than tear gas, his own flatulence to disperse crowd.

Toonsburgh cartoon of son asking Mom if animals are happy in the zoo and she says yes, just like snowflakes in safe spaces.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a cowgirl sweet talking a cowboy and trash talking another cowgirl to land a husband.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man with only a few strands of hair getting a quote for a haircut and the barber quotes by strand.

Toonsburgh cartoon of someone trying to remember another's name through mnemonic devices.

Toonsburgh cartoon of confused baby looking at two men, one bald with a beard, and one with no beard but much hair.

Toonsburgh cartoon in color of an eagle taking away a toy poodle when one-eyed owner briefly leaves her chair.

Toonsburgh cartoon in color of a father reading a scary bedtime story to his two young children.

Toonsburgh cartoon of first grade teacher causing life-long confusion with his comments.

Toonsburgh cartoon of middle aged man who has put on weight trying to play the guitar but it feels more like a ukulele.

Toonsburgh cartoon of pigs being led to what they believe is laughter house but the s is missing and it's a slaughter house.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a nervous husband trying to placate his wife as he forgot one item on the shopping list.

Toonsburgh cartoon of air traffic controller smoking weed telling approaching aircraft to pick any runway and go for it.

Toonsburgh cartoon of Bob after Warhol decided to just go with Monroe.

Toonsburgh cartoon of misunderstanding at restaurant as a man with a large waist walks past diners who are wasting their food.

Toonsburgh cartoon of patient trying to determine if a doctor is a quack as the doctor recommends a rectalotomy.

Toonsburgh cartoon of natural peanut vendor at baseball games who has a head shaped just like a peanut.

Toonsburgh cartoon of goofy looking man playing tricks on women during Ladies Night in order to get a date.

Toonsburgh cartoon of two cows talking as one wants to be a hamburger, with the other wanting to be a belt or a jacket.

Toonsburgh cartoon about human rights as a man is about to be hung without a hood but he ends up with a happy face hood.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a deer hunter having dinner with the deer Bambee not noticing the mounted human heads on the wall.

Toonsburgh cartoon of man discovering a dead animal and a fork in the road as he wonders if he should eat it or not.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man holding up a pink g-string in a laundromat to a girl as she forgot it in the dryer.

Toonsburgh cartoon of missing dog posters on telephone poles near a new hot dog and wiener restaurant.

Toonsburgh cartoon of clergy trying to comfort the bereaved during a burial by changing the words of a prayer.

Toonsburgh cartoon of teenagers in car causing confusion by yelling spread em to a county jail and women's clinic.

Toonsburgh cartoon of ominous trifecta - power outage, moonless night, broken headlight while taking Fif for her last walk.

Toonsburgh cartoon of art class taking a trip to draw another form of still life at the local morgue.

Toonsburgh cartoon of the Mona Lisa complaining to Leonardo about why she has to smirk, instead of just smile.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a young girl getting suspended for asking a logical question regarding the US 2nd amendment.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a hunger fundraising campaign failure as the poster boy is a well-fed, fat man.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man failing a job interview with a woman as he mentions his greatest strengths and weaknesses.

Toonsburgh cartoon about nature's cruelty showing an elephant without tusks, just two large buck teeth.

Toonsburgh cartoon of waiter taking an order from a lamb as the lamb chooses to enjoy the leg of Sam.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a doctor's slip of the tongue confusing a man's fatty liver with a fatty bottom.

Toonsburgh cartoon of incompetent pilot from budget airlines climbing instead of nose diving to avoid mid-air collision.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a woman asking another woman if her husband still blames her for not being able to have children.

Toonsburgh cartoon of three men striking a pose, Tom, Dick and Harry.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man chatting to a woman in airport lounge before departure as they'll be seated next to each other.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man with a big belly who just bought new shoes but is unable to enjoy them as he can't see them.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a baseball batter kicking the ball as he was confused by the 3rd base coach hand signals.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a rich man harassing a homeless Christian because of his sign, Jesus Saves.

Toonsburgh cartoon of three men attending anger management classes that are being mismanaged by a condescending woman.

Toonsburgh cartoon of modern education emphasizing the positive as a student says his brain isn't half empty, but half full.

Toonsburgh cartoon of one camper saying to another camper who has buck teeth about forgetting the bottle opener.

Toonsburgh cartoon of man in restaurant forgetting his wallet and the embarrassing feeling when gas turns to liquid.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a voice in a man's head warning him to be careful who he votes for.

Toonsburgh cartoon of man reliving his childhood on a swing set with kids saying go higher and then the one chain breaks.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a bald geek on an online dating service using image editing software to change his appearance.

Toonsburgh cartoon of skyscraper window washer breaking in a new guy on the first day of the job warning not to be talkative.

Toonsburgh cartoon of chest of drawers syndrome where a once muscular chest has dropped down to the drawers.

Toonsburgh cartoon of the book White Gold where more than one million white Christians were enslaved by Moslems.

Toonsburgh cartoon of tall president causing problems for his bodyguards because of his height.

Toonsburgh cartoon of daughter presenting Dad with the world's best selling non-fiction book, the Holy Bible.

Toonsburgh cartoon of scientists using telescopes to view the stars and proctologists using endoscopes to view the moons.

Toonsburgh cartoon of the importance of split seconds when we're young for sprinting, and older for going to the bathroom.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a baseball batter writhing in pain after getting hit in the groin with a fast ball.

Toonsburgh cartoon of goofy man and good looking woman going to a dance contest with stranger saying get your freak on.

Toonsburgh cartoon of police telling a suspect to put his arms down because of nasty body odor from his pits.

Toonsburgh cartoon of man telling another heavy set man to just go with his gut instincts since he has an outstanding gut.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man crouching down using the water as a mirror while the alligator is waiting below the surface.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a former-chain smoker complaining about disgusting, nasty butts at a beautiful bottom contest.

Toonsburgh cartoon of two children looking for Dad playing hide and seek and Dad is hiding up on a tree branch.

Toonsburgh cartoon of new female company president bashing or thrashing the short and sweet, but bloated male vice president.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a family portrait with poor subject placement as we can only see the faces of the son and daughter.

Toonsburgh cartoon of hacker getting a surprise when he views the user through the camera as he's on the toilet struggling.

Toonsburgh cartoon of simple-minded male beginner in yoga surpassing gurus for emptying the mind and thinking of nothing.

Toonsburgh cartoon of new co-pilot causing confusion in the cockpit because his name is Otto Pilot.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a skinny guy making a joke to muscular body builder at the gym regarding a thread hanging from his arm.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a recalled sofa bed trapping a man inside it for several days hoping he'll be missed on Monday.

Toonsburgh cartoon of color blind test with the message saying I'm an idiot.

Toonsburgh cartoon showing a bear pursuing a fat man for a meal but the bear is concerned with his high cholesterol.

Toonsburgh cartoon of dejected actor watching John Wayne on TV when he thinks that cowboy role should have gone to him.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man trying to return a shirt as it says one size fits all but his name isn't all, but Paul.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man trying out his new fishing rod with a bone for bait on the neighbor's dog.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a billboard with images transposed for the before and after training at Jim's Gym.

Toonsburgh cartoon about two nerdy children fighting over whose dad is better as they are both medical doctors.

Toonsburgh cartoon of son asking a hard question to his Mom regarding why it's called Good Friday instead of Bad Friday.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a patient in disbelief standing in the middle of the highway with a diagnosis of terminal stupidity.

Toonsburgh cartoon of university student at a job fair realizing he wasted 5 years on a useless degree in TV broadcasting.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man waking up in a hospital after surviving a heart attack to find out his haircut is unfinished.

Toonsburgh cartoon of sore loser at tennis delivering phenomenal backhand to opponent's face as they shake hands at the net.

Toonsburgh cartoon of midget boxer repeatedly taking shots at the opponent's groin while his father the referee ignores it.

Toonsburgh cartoon of animal therapy as a man enjoys eating different animals on different days of the week.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a boxer using a sparring partner as a hanging heavy bag as the regular bag is broken.

Toonsburgh cartoon showing two men and why they sport beards.

Toonsburgh cartoon of death row prisoner's last meal trying to get onion rings instead of coleslaw as that gives him gas.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a fat man babysitting a baby which is a hungry lion as the owner goes out to get fresh raw meat.

Toonsburgh cartoon of young pessimist doubting other's dreams and as an old pessimist, he's still popping balloons.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an awkward yet memorable first impression of two men that have crazy head and nose shapes.

Toonsburgh cartoon of bald husband going shopping for wife but clerks laugh when he asks where the hairspray is located.

Toonsburgh cartoon of ancient actors in proscenium predicting in the future that men will be able to travel by animals.

Toonsburgh cartoon of when women dream going back and forth between handsome and plain with he loves me, he loves me not.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an interview of a boxer before the bout asking what he's most worried about regarding his opponent.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a maitre d' anticipating that one customer is alone and telling him to tuck in his shirt.

Toonsburgh cartoon of on-air announcing that there were tens of millions of losers on Powerball instead of saying no winners.

Toonsburgh cartoon of obese man named Jimbo trying to clear the limbo bar while others cheer and encourage.

Toonsburgh cartoon of home shopping network viewer rushing to get in his phone order with only 2 minutes remaining.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a fat firefighter getting stuck sliding down the pole requiring everyone else to take the stairs.

Toonsburgh cartoon of geriatrics and pediatrics clinic called out the the old, in with the new.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man's marital bliss - hearing loss in his wife's nagging frequency.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a psychiatrist addressing everyone when in fact there is only one patient with multiple personalities.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a carnival spin the wheel game to win a date in order to save the carnival desperate for cash.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a strong female dog walking her male owner as the dog chases a cat.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a boy playing the guessing game hangman and becoming an adult hangman as his dream came true.

Toonsburgh cartoon of man on a park bench thinking the design on a woman's shirt is actually the woman looking at him.

Toonsburgh cartoon of bookstore clerk anticipating a fat customer is looking for weight loss and self help books.

Toonsburgh cartoon of heavyset man about to pass out from heatstroke on a beach and crush a little dog named Fifi.

Toonsburgh cartoon of ineffective orthodontics advertising poster/billboard showing a before and after photograph.

Toonsburgh cartoon of loser of a man walking out a new, more confident man after spending 125 dollars on a hair style.

Toonsburgh cartoon of two patients from a nursing home out for a walk being pursed by a bear who understands expiration dates.

Toonsburgh cartoon of bear expert explaining it's impossible to outrun a bear, you just have to outrun your friends.

Toonsburgh cartoon of the Wrong triplets trying to beat the Wright brothers for the world's first airplane flight.

Toonsburgh cartoon of university president welcoming back a professor from sabbatical with some very revealing information.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man slipping on a hardwood floor much to the delight of his dog who usually does the same.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an old man pretending to be young as his birthday is on February 29th during a leap year.

Toonsburgh cartoon of psychic holding a group session to save 3 men money as she accurately describes everyone's problems.

Toonsburgh cartoon of doctor thinking very differently than speaking when he thinks his patient's brain is in his bottom.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a trucker not knowing CPR helping an unconscious man on side of road by using jumper cables as an AED.

Toonsburgh cartoon of father sliding down the snow slope on his stomach with wife, children and dog on his back.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a trainer telling a boxer not to worry about opponent's sharp jab, but rather watch his right hook.

Toonsburgh cartoon of liberated POW camp with one fat prisoner escaping with the rest as one guard is missing.

Toonsburgh cartoon of traffic safety and accident posters, T-bone, wishbone, I-beam and Ben Dover.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a patient preferring to bow rather than shake hands with urologists and proctologists.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a woman walking her dog blaming a fat man walking by for her dog's gas.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a baby and an elderly man using different terms for the same need of new diapers.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a mother protecting her two babies from a bear by kicking the beast in the groin to drop it.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a couple in a Chinese restaurant when the waitress comments that the woman doesn't look happy.

Toonsburgh cartoon of crack epidemic with one referring to cocaine and another the other crack with low riding pants.

Toonsburgh cartoon of bear waiting to eat a healthier meal as bear waits for the camper to finish business in the outhouse.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a hunter in a restaurant admiring the rack of a mounted deer getting in trouble with a waitress.

Toonsburgh cartoon of young man being confused by a teacher's question and it still bothers him 80 years later.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a confident man trying to pick up a woman as he's told I don't think so dud muffin.

Toonsburgh cartoon of police cruiser going down hill with suspect on roof as he's allergic to K-9 dogs.

Toonsburgh cartoon of two husbands gone fishing but the fish thinks they both need to spend more time with their wives.

Toonsburgh cartoon of patient in collapsed dental chair hoping anesthesia won't wear off before repairman comes after lunch.

Toonsburgh cartoon of economy class passengers arriving on the luggage carousels from a budget airline saving money.

Toonsburgh cartoon of chiropractor using inversion therapy tables so patients lose coins and he supplements his income.

Toonsburgh cartoon of doctor checking reflexes the old fashioned way, slapping a patient in the face to see if he can block.

Toonsburgh cartoon showing a fat man coming out from a hamburger joint wearing a t-shirt saying I Beat Anorexia.

Toonsburgh cartoon of early animal therapy failures as man walks beside alligator petting pond and wading pool.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a young man devouring another box of cereal as one of the worst cereal killers.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a proud mother of five not six as she's not proud of her successful son the lying attorney.

Toonsburgh cartoon of spectator administering the Heimlich to a tennis player who is choking.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a stranger starting a conversation saying If that shirt button pops, someone will lose an eye.

Toonsburgh cartoon of cannibal juggling skulls of those he just cooked and ate while others enjoy watching his performance.

Toonsburgh cartoon of preacher at a wedding ceremony making a slip of the tongue saying until Beth do you part.

Toonsburgh cartoon of customer with huge gap between upper front teeth asking worker where dental floss is located.

Toonsburgh cartoon of embarrassing online security questions where Melvin admits his first kiss was at Bertha's Brothel.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a spoiled rotten brat in basic training misunderstanding DI's drop down and give me 20 command.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a woman abruptly ending a date by saying Did you just pass nasty gas or is that your putrid breath.

Toonsburgh cartoon of heavy set man about to win a marathon when all of the sudden, he has a bout with gout.

Toonsburgh cartoon of two horses one with a bad back hoping the fat cowboy doesn't choose her to ride on.

Toonsburgh cartoon of brown nosing attorney saying to judge I'm honored to be in the presence of your honorary honor.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a boxer getting knocked down while retaining his mouthpiece, but losing his hairpiece.

Toonsburgh cartoon of excited used car salesman as a woman comes looking to buy a powerful, V-7.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a restaurant changing the sign from yesterday's leftovers to today's special for more customers.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an outstanding proctologist, Dr. Longfinger, waiting outside his clinic for lack of patients.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a substitute teacher bending down to pick up a paper airplane when his pants split in the back.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a doctor using humor to put new patients at ease saying someone swallowed a bowling ball.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a man surprised by his weight gain as he blames the scale for being off by 30 or 40 pounds.

Toonsburgh cartoon of woman giving her dog a kiss and the dog thinks put me down dog breath as owner's breath is nasty.

Toonsburgh cartoon of chess championship with the muscular defender threatening to break the arm of his skinny opponent.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a karate dojo with the master having a kick me sign posted on his back as he fights off his students.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a time warp with a surfer saying hang ten to a cowboy who is getting ready to hang some people.

Toonsburgh cartoon of game show where all three contestants get the wrong answer regarding an involuntary bodily function.