Dating Cartoons

Most everyone has had an awkward date or two dozen. These toons provide a little insight into what many of us have discovered, or will discover while dating.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a first date at a zoo with the woman asking the man why he likes rhinos so much.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of Zantar - Prince of the Jungle swinging on a rope with one hand and holding Jane with another.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of an attractive young lady talking with a student who she believes to be a senior majoring in aeronautical engineering.Toonsburgh® cartoon of a three cheerleaders and a heavy set woman who enjoys more dates than the attractive women.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an excited man coming back from a blind date that his mother set up only to be surprised when his mother breaks some news to him.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an author waiting alone in a bookstore at a book signing event with no one in sight.