Animal Cartoons

Here you will find cartoons about household pets such as dogs and cats, cartoons about delicious animals such as cows and pigs, as well as wild animals such as bears, deer, lions, etc.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a first date at a zoo with the woman asking the man why he likes rhinos so much.

Toonsburgh® cartoon of a woman calling 911 because of a neighbor engaging in the same nasty behavior.

Toonsburgh cartoon of a dog lover who doesn't understand physics believing a famous proverb about love.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an experienced Masai tour guide using binoculars to look an excited tourist who went exploring on his own.

Toonsburgh cartoon of an elephant and a giraffe enjoying themselves on playground equipment after a hard day at work.

Toonsburgh cartoon of vegetarian archery hunters about to bag an 8 point buck while hunting.

Toonsburgh cartoon of Bird Watching - A Beginners Guide with a man observing a bird thought to be extinct and thinking it probably tastes like chicken.