My name is Bill Jones and I’m the cartoonist here at Toonsburgh®.

The name Toonsburgh® comes from two parts: Toons which is short for cartoons and burgh which is short for my beloved hometown, Pittsburgh. This is a non-PC cartoon site that most people will be able to find a toon or two to their liking.

I’ve found that there were very few cartoons out there that would make me laugh out loud (LOL) so decided to start my own cartoon site.

I started back in in 2016 as you can tell by the quality (developing) of the toons.


Toonsburgh® relies on the goodwill of readers to support the many costs associated with a
reputable website. Hosting, security, website maintenance and computer consultants require
substantial resources.

I hope to avoid advertising as it slows down and detracts from the site. I also hope to avoid
paywalls in the future. All purchases help defray the costs required to keep Toonsburgh® operating.

You can purchase any cartoon download you’d like, for 10 US dollars (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Cards, etc.) by entering your details on the right side with Digital Download Purchase sections.

My job is to keep on ‘tooning and your job is to keep on enjoying and laughing.

Thank you very much.

Bill Jones