My name is Bill Jones and I’m the cartoonist here at Toonsburgh® and the younger man on the left in this picture. I’m also the producer and voice talent at The Bill Jones Show.

Toonsburgh, LLC was formed in the United States (Pennsylvania) in 2015 with the sole purpose of providing cartoons worldwide. In 2017 Toonsburgh® was granted trademark protection by the United States Patent and Trademark Organization.

Toonsburgh® relies on the goodwill of readers to support the many costs associated with a
reputable website. Hosting, security, lawyers, accountants, website maintenance and computer
consultants require substantial resources.

I hope to avoid advertising as it slows down and detracts from the site. I also hope to avoid
paywalls in the future. You can purchase any cartoon download you’d like, for a price you think is fair, by entering a dollar amount and clicking on the secure blue Purchase Digital Download button on the right. All purchases help defray the costs required to keep Toonsburgh® operating.
Thank you very much. Bill Jones